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Carbon steel and low alloy steel

Common carbon structural steel also be called mild steel. This kind of steel has very wide use. Because of the low carbon content and without alloy element, carbon structural steel has the proper tensile strength, good toughness, plasticity,processing property. Carbon structural steel usually be rolled into steel plates, shaped steel and profile steel, which usually used to build workshop,bridge,vessels and so on .
Shanghai Katalor Specification & Steel Grade :
The main steel grades in Carbon and low alloy steel are like :
EN10025(90): Fe430B,Fe430C,
Fe430D1,Fe430D2,Fe510B,Fe510C,Fe510D1,Fe510D2,Fe510 D D1,Fe510 D D2.
EN10113-2: S275N,S275NL,S355N,S355NL
DIN17100: St44-2,St44-3U,St44-3N,St52-3,St52-3N.
ISO630: FE 310, FE 360B/C/D, FE 430B/C/D , FE 510B/C/D , A656
Low alloy high strength steel also can be called common low alloy steel,low alloy structural steel. Low alloy structural steel’s total alloy content usually is not more then 3% .Except for Si and Mn, there is V,Ti,Nb,Al,Cr,Ni,Re,N and so on.
Carbon Structural and Alloy Steel Delivery Condition:
Normalizing, annealing,tempering,TMCP,PWHT, impact test,Q&T.

Europe Germany Canada India Japan International USA
EN10025 (93) EN10025 (90) EN10113-2 DIN 17100 CSAG40-21 IS JIS3101 JIS 3106 ISO 630 ASTM
S185 Fe 310-0 St 33 SS 330
FE 310
S235JR(G2) Fe E360B(FN) RSt 37-2 230 G IS226 SS400 SM 400A Fe 360 B A 36/A283C
S235 J0 Fe E 360 C St37-3U Fe 410-S SM400B Fe 360C
S235J2G3 Fe E 360 D1 St 37-3 N SM400C Fe 360 D
S235J2G4 FeE360 D2
S275 JR Fe430 B ST 44-2 260W,WT IS2062 Fe 430B A529GR 42,50
S 275 JO Fe 430 C St44-3U Fe410 WA Fe 430C
S275 J2G3 Fe430 D1 S 275N St 44-3N Fe 410 WB Fe 430D
S275 J2G4 Fe430 D2 S 275NL Fe 410 WC
 S275J2 300W.WT
S 355 JR Fe510 B 350 W, WT IS 961 SS490 SM 490A FE 510 B A572gr,42,50
S 355 JO Fe 510 C St 52-3 U Fe 570 HT SS490B Fe 510 C
Fe 510 D1
S 335J2G4 Fe 510 D2 S 355 NL SS 490 YA A 656
S 335K2G3 Fe 510 D D1 SS490 YB
S 335K2G4 Fe 510 D D2 SM 520 B
SM 520 C



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